About Us
We believe that meaningful engagement is not possible using a one-size-fits-all approach. In some locations, our operations exist in close proximity to thriving communities. In others, our operations are very remote and we are effectively the only local employer or one of the few significant employers in the region.

Given the global scope of our business, we recognize the need to be flexible and sensitive to local conditions and populations in engaging our communities and investing in socially-focused initiatives. Yet, despite the local differences we may encounter, our principles remain the same: namely to engage stakeholders in a spirit of transparency and good faith, and provide lasting benefits to the communities where we work by supporting sustainable initiatives to develop their social, economic, and institutional fabric.

We conduct all of our activities in accordance with accepted standards in terms of the protection and promotion of human rights. We respect the cultural and historical perspectives and rights of those affected by our operations.
Our prime aim is to provide materials of highest quality and create higher value for our customers. Our supply of materials features the authentic current details. We hope that you can make the best choice to build whatever it may be and you would absolutely feel happy and be satisfied for its strength. ​

Our company strives to provide a quality product at affordable prices throughout the globe. Our major products include rough uncut diamond, gold au, copper cathode, copper wire, metal scrap hms 1,2, used rails, and other products that are in high demanded in the market. We go extra miles sourcing from actual artisan miners, private producers and state owned companies. We also work with smaller producers that seek marketing expertise with global distributions